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About Webster
A great deal of planning is required for your wedding to run smoothly. Despite all of this planning, there is one person who plays an integral part of the wedding festivities that is rarely acknowledged, He is the Master of Ceremonies or the Wedding Emcee. The bride and groom spend a great deal of time preparing for their special day. By the time that day arises a completely planned package will be placed in the hands of the Master of Ceremonies. They should have every confidence that the individual entrusted with this task will do a good job

Proven track record
For over 20 years I been delivering quality service to many couples. I pride myself in commanding my audiences, so whatever the setting, you are guaranteed an enjoyable and entertaining time. My service is one with a difference and includes a lot of variations that leaves the bridal party and guests very satisfied at the end of a reception. Even at the best planned weddings, things can go wrong leaving awkward gaps in the agenda. My responsibility is to fill those gaps in order to keep a smooth transition of events. 

Ten reasons why I am the preferred MC for many couples.
 Over 20 years in the business and provided emcee service for over 190 couples.
Versatile: Ability to add different skills to enhance your Wedding Reception.  
Vibrant: There is never a dull moment.
Organized: Ensuring that everything is in place and on time. 
Innovative: Ability to fill in unexpected gaps.
Entertaining: Having great command of my audience, so whatever 
the setting,  you are guaranteed an enjoyable and entertaining time. 
Dependable: Always fully prepared. Make contact with the function 
supervisor / manager at least two to three days prior to the function
to confirm the agenda. 
Pre-wedding planning: Assist with music and program arrangements. 
Flexible: Ability to adjust to changes made by the couple.
By using Webster's Master of Ceremony Service you are guaranteeing that your wedding reception will be one that will be talked about for years to come.

Finally, the MC that you choose for your wedding reception, if taken lightly, can make or break your special day. Your wedding day is not a rehearsal it’s the real thing. Remember, you only have one chance to make it right.  With Webster's Master of Ceremony Service you are guaranteed an enjoyable experience that you will never forget.

Webster G. Thomas 
Master of Ceremony
Wedding Consultant