F.W.C. COGOP Prayer Line

1 Timothy 2:1
First of all, then, I urge that
supplications, prayers, 
and thanksgivings
be made for all people.


FWC Prayer List

    1. Norma Clarke.
    2. Joan Curran. Bro. Webster's Co-workers mother
    3. Carlton Bent.
    4. Sis. Inez Bell.
    5. Carl Jacobs.
    6. Phillis Reynolds.
    7. Catherine Reynolds
    8. Sis. Smith.
    9. Bro. Farrell.
    10. Mother Mavis Weir.
    11. Mother Boyne.
    12. Mother Dee.
    13. Sis. Steer.
    14. Marion Roberts.
    15. Keith Verley.
    16. Gladys Granston.
    17. Mother Enid.
    18. Bro. Coleman.
    19. Bro. Masters.
    20. Sis. Linda.
    21. Sis. Gillings.
    22. Sis. Raldah Stevens.
    23. Sis. Peck.
    24. Bro. & Sis. Morris.
    25. Sis. Anglin.
    26. Karen Jackson.
    27. Mazie Byfield.
    28. Laurel Ellis.
    29. Elaine Before.
    30. Bertram Before.
    31. Bro. Parkes.
    32. Pansy Morris sister in UK.
    33. Mother Dee’s brother in UK.
    34. Cynthia Hewitt.
    35. Jasmine - daughter of Cynthia’s friend.
    36. Julie Jones.
    37. Stacy-Ann Campbell and family.
    38. Richard Verly.
    39. Andre Chantiloupe and family.
    40. Sis. Uhandi Branford.
    41. Bridgette Brown.
    42. Sharon Stanbury & family / New York.
    43. Peggy Dyer.
    44. Sherril.
    45. Maxine David.
    46. Sis. Virgin.
    47. Wanda.
    48. Sheryl Channer.
    49. Sis. Pusey.
    50. Timmy Grant - Mins. Campbell's brother.  
    51. Sis. Elaine’s Aunt’s brother -
      contracted the virus.
    52. Sis. Janet Edwards.
    53. Kenneth McLaughlin.
    54. Sis. Agnes Russel.
    55. Uncle Ral and son from New York.
    56. Sis Delmena's daughter from
      New York.
    57. Georgia and family -
      infected with the virus.
    58. Odette Gail - have symptoms
      of the virus.
    59. Georgia Gentles - have symptoms
      of the virus.
    60. Workers from Webster Bank
      in Bloomfield.
    61. Marcella Thompson - maybe down
      with the virus.
    62. Luraine Earle from New Jersey
      contracted the virus.
    63. Lorraine Santouse.
    64. Sister Suzette.
    65. Gloria - Sis. Hume's cousin in Jamaica.
    66. Pastor Hume's brother-in-law.
    67. Kadian Douglas - doing well.
    68. Syble Steward - recovering from the virus.
    69. Taylor Jacobs - Kadian's son.
    70. Mr. Marsh.
    71. Sister Walters mother.
    72. The Douglas family.
    73. Latoya Gunter and her children.
      She is feeling much better now.
    74. Pansy Hoo /  she is sick.
    75. Mavis Maitland and Sis. Etheline -
      have a death in their family.
    76. Oshaun McLeod.
    77. Nastassia Campbell-Smith - CT bus driver.
    78. Angela Laidlaw.
    79. Avis Bartley.
    80. Anthony Caye.
    81. Dante Sprouse.
    82. Fred and Maisie Wade - The parents of
      Wayne Wade.
    83. Maxine -(Sis. Marcia Brown's sister)-
      she contracted the virus.
    84. Tameika McGregor and co-workers at
      Webster's Bank.
    85. Donna Mendes - out of the hospital
    86. Irad Andrew from New York - Sis. Etheline's 
    87. Richard Wedderburn - Pastor Hume's nephew.
    88. Wainsworth Hume - Pastor Hume's nephew.
    89. Doris Jackson.
    90. Claudia Mendes - Bro. Mendes daughter.
    91. Sis Audrey Morant - feeling better
    92. Lloyd
    93. Nancy
    94. Tshura - a nurse in Texas.
    95. Jayden Vonner.
    96. Debbie Davis.
    97. Sis. Joyce Ellis.
    98. Dennis Black - from New York.
    99. Jacob - from Texas.
    100. Sis Pansy Graham
    101. Nadine Adams - Bro. Jacob's sister  
      is doing well.
    102. Melody Parsley - Admitted to hospital
      with the virus.
    103. Natasha - She is in Intensive care.
    104. Nancy - She is sick.
    105. Junior Galimor - Getting better from
      the virus.
    106. Betty Stevens - requesting prayer.
    107. Selma Squires - requesting prayer.
    108. Sister Lawson's sister.
    109. Minister McDonald's parents - down
      with the virus.
    110. Wayne Daley - Bro. Tony's brother. 
      tested positve.
    111. The crewmen on the cruiseline that
      Tim Grant, who is (sister Campbell's
      brother) works on.
    112. Brenda Williams.
    113. Jenny Morgan
    114. Ben Govoni.
    115. 62 members on the Respiratory Therapist
      Team at Hartford Hospital.
    116. Nicole Brown and family - Her mother
      Ruby Brown passed away on Tuesday
      May 26, 2020. Nicole is Sis Hume's coworker. 
    117. Sybil Mcfarlane
    118. Andrae Epps
    119. Sandra Evans
    120. Cora Cooke - is now driving and doing well. 
    121. Dwayne - Sis Sharon Channer's son.
    122. The Hewitt family.
    123. Cyril Steer / surgery for Lung Cancer
    124. Erville Earle - has been placed on heart monitor.
    125. Mckenzie - Sis. Marcia Brown's daughter. She
      fainted and was taken to the hospital.
    126. Pastor Singh's father - he is in the hospital.
    127. Sis. Elaine Barrett went for surgery today
      June 16, 2020. and it went well.
    128. Sis. Beaulah Forbes nieces.
    129. Sis. Sharon Channer's (5 months's old)
      grand daughter.
    130. Sis. Uhandi Bradford - is awaiting results of a 
      procedure she did.
    131. Opal - Sis. Buchanan's niece. She is in the 
      Spanish Town hospital with fever and lung clot.
    132. Natasha Vasquez
    133. Daphne Jones's brother - he is sick.
    134. Kevin Parks
    135. Merline Dinnald - she has the virus.
    136. Afiyfa Lewis
    137. Matthew - He had his surgery and is in
      recovery - doing well.
    138. Two young ladies request prayer.
    139. The Williams family - Sis Elaine's relative.
      a cousin passed out at work and died.
    140. Michelle and Monica - from Florida. They have 
      symptoms of the corona virus. They are the 
      sister-in-laws of Mins. Campbell's brother.
    141. Mary and Moses - battling the virus. They
      are the relatives of a hartford teacher.
    142. Sis. Rose Woods and family - She lost her
      uncle on Wednesday July 8th.
    143. Junior Norman - from jamaica. He is sick.
    144. Roscoe - has a medical issue.
    145. Sis. Beulah Channer.
    146. Sis. Hamer.
    147. Mother Mavis Weir.
    148. The family of Sis. Doreen harper -
      she passed away.
    149. Emmette - a 7 months old baby boy.
      not doing well and is losing weight.
      Also, pray for the young parents.
    150. Beatrice - Mins. Campbell's coworker and family.
      Her nephew was killed in west Virginia.
    151. Sis Phillis - has a heart problem and has been
      in and out of the hospital.
    152. Cheryl Heath is going for surgery on Sept 8th.
    153. Mrs. Angelina Wilson - taken to hospital suffering
      from high anxiety. Also, pray for her salvation. 
    154. Paul Wilson - pray for his salvation.
    155. Sis. Hume's sister and family
      Her husband died from a stroke.
    156. Phillip Bradley - He is in the hospital,
      not doing good.
    157. Sis. Lustal - requesting prayer for her niece's
      baby (Isair Yaw) who was admitted to hospital
      with breathing problem.
    158. Sis. Lawson and Family - Her brother-in-law
      died on Sat. Aug 29, 2020.
    159. The family of Sis. Reynolds.
      She died on Sunday Aug 30, 2020.
    160. Sis. Lustal and family - Her niece's baby
      (Isair Yaw) died on Sun Aug 30, 2020 
    161. Prayer for the family of Kevin Wolfe
      He died on August 29, 2020
    162. Rosealee Anderson and her 6 siblings
      Prayer for their salvation.
    163. Sis. Cynthia Hewitt - She is in the hospital
    164. Sophia - Sis. Joy's daughter, requesting 
      prayer of healing.
    165. Prayer for Pat in Canada.
    166. Sis Beverly Morris's sister. The doctor cannot 
      find what is wrong with her.
    167. Travis Charlton - Need a job
    168. Avrail Wallace - Diagnosed with vertigo and 
      has lost her hearing the past two weeks.
    169. Micky and David - Their mother Elaine Lewis
      in Florida passed away. Elaine is Sis
      Buchanan's aunt.
    170. Sis. Enid Stevens.
    171. Sis Chantiloupe's brother and son.
    172. Family of Dwight Morgan - He passed away
    173. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Smith - both are sick
      Wife is recovering and husband just came
      out of a coma and going to Rehab.
    174. Christy - She lost her father and is having
      a hard time dealing with his death.
    175. Alexis - She is 22 years old. Her kidneys
      are shutting down because of high blood pressure.
      The doctor says she doesn't have long to live.
    176. Mother Stevens - She is in the hospital with
      abdominal pains, loss of apetite and vomiting.
    177. Alexston -  he just got married about two months
      ago ,and now has the virus.
      He is Sis Tameka's co-worker's son.
    178. Tanesha Harris - She had surgery on her knee.
      Operation went well but she has a lot of pain.
    179. Nadine Edwards
    180. Nancy and mother
    181. Donnett
    182. Grace
    183. Bolton
    184. Bro. Masters and family
      His daughter died on 12/22/2020
    185. Orielle 
    186. Sis Cynthia
    187. Bro. Nigel Appleton
    188. Sandra Francis - Her father passed away.
    189. Family of Bro. Mendes - He passed away.
    190. Tameika - prayer of healing for her side.
    191. Sis Rose Woods lost her father in Jamaica.
    192. Members of the Branch of Webster's bank
      in Copaco sent home. Staff member tested
      positive for Covid.
    193. Sis Ursiline Sutherland, who lives in New York
      has stage 4 breast cancer. She is currently 
      on chemotherapy.
    194. Carla Johnson is in the (ICU) Intensive Care
      Unit with brain anuerysm. She is Sis. Ceciles's
    195. Tamisha Brown - Sis. Buchanan's step-niece
      she is in the hospital in Jamaica.
    196. Timothy - Bro. Webster's co-worker's brother.
      He has lung cancer and it has migrated to his brain.
      He is in the hospital. 
    197. Prayer for Tameika -  She wants a deeper uderstanding of the bible so she can answer questions with conviction.
    198. Prayer for Ariel Wallace - she is in the hospital with
      water on her stomach.
    199. Prayer for Marlene, Minister Campbell's sister in Florida. She was taken to the hospital with
      breathing problem. She and her husband have
      Covid 19.

         Prayers of Praise and Thanksgiving.

    *Yvette / Sis. Elaine's friend is recovering from the virus.

    Bro. Lawrence's niece is recovering from the virus.

    Simeon / friend of Sis. Elaine in England / going home
      from the hospital. He also is recovering from the virus.

    Kadian Douglas - Brother Jacob's son's mother.
      She is recovering from the virus.

    Syble Steward - "Bro. Jacobs son's grandmother" She
      is out of the hospital and recovering from the virus.

    *Sis. Grace Buchanan was tested "Negative" of the
      Coronavirus......Praise be to God!!

    *Mr. Dennis that had the massive stroke in his brain
      is doing much better. He is now out of the Hospital.

    *Benny White - Who was admitted to hospital is
      now out and doing good.

    *Sydney Alexander - Who was admitted to hospital is
      now out. 

    *Sydney's wife - who had the virus is now feeling better.


    *Valrie who was prayed for a few weeks ago is recovering.


    * The Hewitt family - is doing much better.

    *Mins. Campbell's sisters-in-law are doing much better.

    *Matthew - He had his surgery and is in  recovery -           doing well.






     Our deepest condolences to the following families; 
    Let us pray that God will comfort them in this time 
    of  grief.

     *Condolences to the family of Sis. Masters
     One of her uncle in New York died. 
      Who is also Mother Daye's brother.

    *Condolences to the family of Sis. Heslop
      who passed away on Sunday March 29, 2020. 
      Sis. Heslop is Sis Audrey's mother-in-law.

    * Condolences to the family of Sis. Etta Thompson.
       Her father in Jamaica passed away.

    *Condolences to the family of Sis. Marcia Dunkley
      whose sister in England passed away.

    *Condolences to the family of Sis Cynthia Hewitt.
      Her aunt passed away.

    *Condelences to the family of Agnes Russel
      She passed away on Tuesday April 14, 2020

    *Condolences to Sis. Angella Gilchrist and her family.
      Her sister "Norma Gillings Brown" passed away on
      Tuesday April 14, 2020.

    * Condolences to Mother Daye and family on the loss
       of her brother.

    *Condolences to the family of Dudley Jackson. 

    *Condolences to Sherae Daley and family. She lost her
      grandmother "Tennant Daley" 

    *Condolences to Mrs. Harris and family - Her father
      died on April 22, 2020.

    *Condolences to the family of  Sis. Lurline Mullings.
      She passed away on May 4, 2020. Take note that her
      death was not from Covid19.

    *Condolences to the family of  Wayne Wade
     (#82 on the List).    He passed away on
     May 13, 2020 from the virus.

    *Condolences to Nicole Brown and family.
      Her mom Ruby Brown passed away on
      Tuesday May 26, 2020 from the virus.

    *Condolenes to Bro. Edwin Roberts and family.
      His father died in Antigua

    *Condolences to Sis. Rose Woods and family -
    She lost her uncle on Wednesday July 8th.

    *Condolences to the family of Sis. Doreen harper - 
    she passed away.

    *Condolences to Sis Hume's sister and family.
    Her husband died from a stroke. 

    *Condolences to Sis. Lawson and Family
    Her brother-in-law died on Sat. Aug 29, 2020.

    *Condolences to the family of Sis. Reynolds
    She died on Sunday Aug 30, 2020.

    *Condolences to Sis. Lustal and family
    Her niece's baby (Isair Yaw) died on Sun Aug 30, 2020.

    *Condolences to the family of Dwight Morgan.
     He passed away. 

    *Condolences to the family of  Bro. Masters and family
    His daughter died on 12/22/2020

    *Condolences to the family of  Bro. Mendes
    He died on 1/16/2021


      Note: To add to the prayer list, kindly text the
      names to Bro. Webster Thomas at 860-948-8605.