Master Of Ceremony Connecticut

Testimonials of Couples 


Stanley & Veronica Smellie
Thursday December 27, 2007
Jamaica Pegasus Hotel

Webster was terrific, very confident and tasteful with his jokes and
comments. He reached out to both of us, the bride and groom, in a
romantic way with his soothing singing which helped in creating the
perfect atmosphere. Webster gave us a stress free Wedding reception,
which flowed smoothly and at the end our guests all commented on
how fabulous our MC was




Denton and Tracy Golding
Sunday August 17, 2008
Jamaica Pegasus Hotel

Webster made our special day wonderful
At first I was apprehensive, thinking whether he would be able to pull off singing at our wedding and carrying out his master of ceremony duty. Amazingly we were pleasantly surprised. Webster made our day memorable. He has  the wow factor!!!.....Thanks Webster.




Ainsley And Sarah McNaught
June 28, 2008

Mandeville Hotel

Dear Mr. Thomas Your witty sense of humor, professional persona, and a strong sense of Christian morale was truly evident and consistent throughout the entire evening… Ainsley and I have made the right choice when we selected you as our Master of Ceremonies for our wedding day on the 28th of June, 2008. We have no regrets and we have highly recommended you to others. You made our day very special, a lot of our guests (family and friends) have mentioned to us of how much they enjoyed your charisma, you kept the audiences attention and just made everything flow so smoothly, in a very orderly and timely manner. Not to mention the way in which you incorporated the professional live band as they entertained, just adds to your professionalism. Lastly, we want to take this opportunity in thanking you once again and for being a remarkable MC. May God truly bless you.



Karram & Collette
December 6, 2008
Jamaica Pegasus Hotel

We were so delighted to have had Sir Thomas to be our M.C. He made our day one of our best days ever. We were totally "knockned off "our chairs with laughter and excitment, anxious to know what Sir Thomas would have for the next activity or comment. He made our day an unforgettable one. Our guests are still chattering and laughing about our lovely wedding reception. Thanks to the expertise of Mr. Webster Thomas. Talk about support, expertise,experience,loving and friendly, you speak of Mr .Thomas.
Again we say 'thanks-a-mill'.







Tyrone & Renee Smith
Saturday August 2, 2008
Jamaica Pegasus Hotel

Webster, thank you for being such a great MC for both our wedding ceremony and reception. You made our wedding so memorable! Your ability to read the mood of our guests, and anticipate last minute changes was second to no other. Because of you and your team, all our guests will now have my wedding embedded in their memory. I have been to many weddings, you are by far the best MC that kept everyone entertained. My husband's and I parents really appreciated for your professional service and performance. We did received a lot of good feedback regarding the day's procession and on your performance. Our guests enjoyed the wedding and the lively atmosphere you were able to create. Your crew demonstrated much professionalism and experience.

Finally, we wanted to thank you for your patience during the pre-wedding
planning. Your participation in our day and made it such a wonderful success. You were professional, courteous, on time, and went past fulfilling your duties.



Ian & Celia Miles
April 7, 2007
Eden Gardens

After trying to get friends and relatives to MC our wedding on April 7, 2007, they were all shy. Mr.Thomas was recommended and he did a great job
on short notice.

Thanks for making our special day memorable.



Rameo & Zendeen Rowland
Saturday March 31, 2007
Jamaica Pegasus Hotel

Jamaica Pegasus If we were to sum up Mr. Thomas’s performance at our wedding  reception, we would say; absolutely brilliant and spectacular. Our guests were thoroughly entertained.  To add to his brilliance he used his smooth voice to serenade us with love songs that captivated the guests.  We call him “The MC with the midas touch” because during the reception he made sure that everything was in place, in order and on time. Since that day, every wedding that we attend we are always comparing the MC to Mr. Thomas.

Mr. Thomas, thanks a million. You  really brought down the curtains on our wedding day.



Kirk & Sara Green
Saturday February 16, 2008
Knutsford Court Hotel

Sara (Bride). Our wedding MC made us feel so comfortable and at ease. He really lightened the evening. There were moments of practically falling off the chair laughing (thank God that never happened) and there were also moments where we got genuine words of wisdom which will last in our memories forever. I had a relaxing laid-back evening planned with just enough finesse to make it breathtakingly elegant. The professionalism and charisma of Webster Thomas made everything fall right into place. Would you believe it.............he also serenaded us. He was just GREAT.

Kirk (Groom). The MC was really wonderful. Sara and I commented several times during the reception. We were just cracking up literally every time he spoke. As I complimented my wife on that special day, he
actually deserves the Jamaican saying........"SELL OFF".

Anya (Guest). The MC was awsome; we were practically in stitches at my table. Then, there were the times when his words of advice would have us in deep thought. his presentation was well thought out and thoroughly planned. I even plan to use him at my wedding next year.



Roland & Nickesha O'Conner
Sunday December 23, 2007
Hotel Four Seasons


Our wedding is still the talk of the town for those
who attended. Most persons commented that it wassimply
the best wedding that they have ever attended.
Thanks to our M.C., Mr. Webster Thomas, who did an
absolutely wonderful job.
He was just splendid.



Marvin & Yaneek Sands 
August 10, 2008 
Cecilles Garden & Wedding Centre


Just thinking about our wedding reception put a smile on our face. Mr. Webster Thomas was an extraordinary  MC. He turned our occasion into an experience we will never forget as long as we live. We would recommend him to anyone who will be getting married in the near future.


Thanks Mr. Webster.









Jonathan & Athena Evelyn

Saturday August 11, 2007



Having Mr. Webster at our wedding reception as MC was

spectacular. He is loads of FUN and EXCITEMENT. He made

our day a MEMORABLE one.




 Other Testimonials


All the best Mr. Thomas, and thanks again for helping to make our wedding day memorable not only for us but all in attendance.

Norda & Ricardo – June 14, 2008 

Mr. Webster

You made our day extra special, you put the icing on the cake. we have no regrets having you as our MC. we need you for our 5th anniversary because you are a star!

 Douglas & Nicole
Alhambra Inn
October 27, 2007

I would like to give you special thanks to Mr Webster for conducting my wedding reception so beautifully. The jokes, prayers, advice and even the singing really add something to our wedding. We really had a great time on the journey that you took us. Its amazing how you could speak to us as though you have known us for a long time, you must be very spiritual,and I like the fact that you spoke highly about God something that a lot of people do not possess. Everything was very appropriate; I would definately
recommend you to others and you'll be haring from us for the anniversary. Keep doing your thing, God Bless.

Keith & Josiann
La Renaissance Banquet
October 16, 2010

Having Mr. Thomas MCing our wedding was nothing short of divine intervention.  We met Mr. Thomas earlier that year at a wedding show at that time I do not believe we had set a date. Surprisingly he was
recommended to us closer to the wedding date and he informed us that our names and date was in his diary. Unbelievable!!!. Mr Thomas did a wonderful job, he sang and even saved one of the groomsmen from embrassing himself when he was not prepared to speak.  Magnificent MC, he is indeed highly recommended.

Paul & Grace Love


Hi Mr. Thomas,


I have received your email and my best wishes and prayers go with you and all  your endeavours. I will continue to share my special memories of your incredible preformance at our wedding and I will tell others who will be getting marry of your incomparable service.


Andrew & Joan----June 29, 2008

Hi Webster,


My sister is looking to get married soon in the states and may very well need your expertise so I will forward this mail now..Thanks for putting us on your dress does bling it being

lots of blessings.......we’ll keep in touch.


Tracy and Denton …August 17, 2008



Hi Mr. Webster,

It was wonderful meeting you and you were excellent as my wedding MC on August 1, 2008. I wish for you God's blessings and all the success in your endeavours. I will
definitely refer whomever I can to you.

Best Regards,

Avis Jackson-Branford




has lost a good man!!  And I know you will do fabulously well at your new home!!!  You made my wedding such fun.  Thanks very much.  If I know anyone, I will certainly pass the word around. All the very best -  thanks again for a wonderful reception.

God bless you and yours always!!




Dear Mr. Webster,


Thank you for making our wedding a spectacular event! Our guests were so

impressed, they wanted to know more about you, so we referred them to your website. May God continue to bless you. Earl and I will be sure to to recommend

you for future events.


Earl & Marcia Williams

October 19, 2012